And So It Begins…

With ten weeks until this year’s Great North Run I decided to do something stupid. At 21 stone and 4 lbs, I decided I’d sign up to do it.

Since leaving school ten years ago I’ve gradually piled the pounds on and despite managing to shed several stone a couple of years ago, beginning a career in stand up comedy back in late 2008 saw me fill out most of my shirts quite rapidly. It’s amazing how few stores they are that sell healthy foods late at night when you’re driving home from gigs.

I’ve gradually increased my wardrobe with some dashing outfits courtesy of Oxfam, but having expanded my waistline up from an XL to a XXL, the amount of stupidly obese people donating their clothes to charity seems sparse, so I had a difficult choice to make: buy new clothes in an XXXL, or shed some weight to fit into ‘normal’ clothes again.

The chance to raise some money for Kidney Research seemed too good to turn down, and so with a (literally) heavy heart I agreed to run this year’s Great North Run, with just ten weeks of training to get from zero miles to 13 miles.

The next couple of months will see me keep a training diary – I hope this serves several purposes. Mainly, that it’ll entertain people enough to want to donate to a very worthy cause at and secondly, hopefully, serve as some sort of inspiration to those wanting to shift some pounds. It’s all well and good seeing some celebrity with a personal trainer and time on their hands managing to shift a few stone, but I’m here to represent those who’ve got nothing but a tiny bit of willpower and some trainers. That makes me sound like a dick – sorry. It’ll get more fun as the weeks go by.

Stay tuned – hopefully you’ll pick up some tips/inspiration/get a good laugh at a fat bloke putting himself through hell.

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