Session Six – Love Won’t Tear Us Apart, Blisters Will

I’ve got a new pet hate. It’s not Kerry Katona, it’s not poor quality cutlery, or even cutlery where the handles aren’t long enough. Sure, I hate all of them, but not as much as I hate my new little friend, Mister Blister.

It’s fair to say that he’s not good company. He’s like having a child on a long car journey; constantly nagging you, wanting to go home, reminding you they’re here as well and generally making your life agony. In fact he’s worse – at least you can put kids up for adoption. You can’t really send a blister to an orphanage.

Tonight’s run was short but sweet. I feel like I could’ve happily done a couple of miles had I been sans-blister, but his presence on the bottom of my foot made it really difficult going. The first half a mile saw me gingerly trying to get into a rhythm, the rest felt fine and fast, if a little measured. It was tricky making sure my foot landed comfortably, and I suspect I’ll pay for that tomorrow, but it was nowhere near as bad as I’d feared. As I got home I was surprised to see it’d taken me as long as it had, 11mins 50secs to do 1.06 miles.

I reckon if I’d not brought my mate along it’d have been under 11 minutes, so not bad going at all. I can already see some progress on the fitness front, and if the foot clears up (I’m already sick of the ‘b’ word) I might try a longer distance on Sunday. My main hope is that it’s ready for a week full of two mile runs that I face from Monday.

Enjoy the weekend.

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