Session Seven – King of the Skinnies

This goes out to the ice cream scum – you know who you are. The chocolate brigade, pasty police and pizza mafia. You are all scum. I rule. I rule the land of skinny, for I am definitely in their gang now. Goodbye 40 inch waist and XXL t-shirts!

Yes, after Friday’s two mile success I thought I’d try and have a chilled out Sunday where I took it easy but lasted longer and set off dead on midday. Things got off to a slow start with my banging new running playlist accidentally playing a slower Hanson number. Still, I soon flicked through and was away and running with some more, er, Hanson. Shut your mouth and stop laughing at me.

Proper music soon followed and the run was seemingly fairly straight forward. I hit the mile mark and decided I’d do another half mile before turning back on myself, taking me up to three miles and King of the Skinnies. Bad move.

I hit a mile and a half and could feel me starting to struggle and turned for home, knowing three miles was too much. I just about managed the two miles and realised I’d have to stop. I briefly felt rejuvenated by the rest and tried to resume, but failed. I checked my funky phone application that tracks me and I’d done 2.01 miles in 22 mins 28 seconds. That’s just shy of 11 minute miles – not bad going for a leisurely run and had I aimed at 2 miles I’d have hit it comfortably so I’m not down about it.

That’s further than I was at this time last week. I’m sure another week of two mile runs won’t be quite as much fun, but I’m not dreading them as much as I was last week. I’ll keep hold of all my jeans and t shirts for another week, though.

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