Session Nine – No Singing In The Rain

With Monday’s frog-fest almost forgotten about it was time to head back on the road again, only this time to be confronted by something just as brutal – North East weather.

Rain lashed down like you wouldn’t believe so I decided I’d eat some tea so I had plenty of energy, sit it out for an hour or two until the rain cleared, then set off. Two hours later, it was still pelting down and there was nothing for it.

The wet weather robbed me of one thing though, and that’s my trusty BlackBerry. No, I’m not that much of a wanker that I use it on the move, but it doubles up as MP3 player and GPS tracker quite nicely. Frighteningly, as seems to have been the case when I’ve left it at home, the run seemed easier.

I usually plug music in for two reasons – firstly, it helps pass time and if the tunes are good it helps you keep going. Secondly, I’ll be honest here, it blocks out the noise of people shouting at me in the street. People do seem quite hostile to anyone wanting to keep fit, it’s unreal. I’ve never seen people hurling abuse at paramedics in ambulences (“fucking weirdos, trying to help people live longer, get a life!”) so why runners get the brunt is beyond me. Being my size doesn’t seem to help things though.

As much as I’d like to say I battled the frog demon, I bottled it and chose another route. Annoyingly, it’s a lovely route but planted firmly around Ashington town centre. Luckily last night was another late one so even the pubs were shut by then, but if I follow that again it’ll be an early morning/very late effort.

I got home in relative comfort and a nice surprise via – I’d covered 2.58 miles in 31 minutes and 40 seconds. Distance wise that’s fab, and pace wise fantastic.

Another run is on the cards tonight, and possibly another different route (those fucking frogs have scarred me). Let’s see what God throws at me this time, the sly bastard.

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