Session Ten – Feeling Strangely Fine

With baking hot weather, Wednesday seemed like a perfect day for a run, hopefully one where I could make up another half a mile and do 2.5 miles and get me back on course for the week. It was so hot, in fact, that I even headed out wearing a vest! A vest!

Yep, with my podgy white wings hanging out I hit the road in glorious sunshine and thought I’d change route again. There’s a big lake not too far away from us that seemed perfect for running around. Nice scenery, a miniature railway and lack of frogs swung it and down to the lake it was.

Glorious sunshine as I got there, followed by miserable fog almost as soon as I made a start around it. Still, it was warm and I was feeling good, once more without any tunes. For some reason it seems a lot easier not singing along to the beat of someone else’s drum. Sure, it means being able to hear my own breathing, heavier than your average Babestation caller (I imagine), and running the risk of people pointing out my frame to me and me being able to hear, but it’s working.

The route clocked in at 3.06 miles and took 38mins 28secs, so a relatively slow pace but considering the big step up in distance I was fairly chuffed. Nearly forty minutes on my feet – I can rationalise that somewhere in my head that it’s close to the 2.5 hours I’ll spend completing the Great North Run.

A well deserved break for Thursday will be followed by a nice little two miler (easy now) on Friday and Saturday, but less than two weeks into the challenge and despite some sore limbs, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

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