Session Sixteen – One

On the back of nearly seven miles on Saturday, it was time to ease my way back in and try something a little different as well. Actually, compared to the amount of time I’ve spent sat on my arse of late, running technically counts as something different.

Anyway, rather than punish my body over an hour, I thought I’d put a mile in at a faster pace than usual just to see how far I’ve come on. My first session was a mile which was completed in 10mins 50secs – could I complete the same distance under ten minutes this time?

Let’s get the admin out of the way – no, I couldn’t. Let’s get the excuses out of the way – I was bogged down with long heavy shorts not suited to running, a bulky hoody and massive bottle of water which I eventually ditched. And at 10mins 12secs to do 10.02 miles, it was easily an improvement. In fact, take a few seconds off for putting the water down somewhere safe and picking it back up again, and you’re near enough there. Even without the faff, that’s clear improvement.

Tomorrow will need a step up again, either two miles at the same pace or some hill work, ahead of a long one either on Wednesday or Thursday. It’s a busy week of gigs though, so fitting them in is now going to be difficult. We’ll worry about that later. For now though? I’m pretty happy with that.

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