18 – It’s Not Right – But It’s Okay

Usually I aim for ten minute miles. By no means quick, but fairly decent for a fat bloke still getting into the swing of things.

Today I put my run off for about two hours. A journalist was supposed to call me for an interview, but even when I gave up on that happening I just stared out the window at the dark, cold, wet, windy scene outside and kept thinking “surely there must be other stuff I could be getting on with?”

There absolutely is, but I got up off my arse, changed my running route and managed 5 miles. It may have taken 50mins 56secs, but that’s close enough to my target pace to be happy, especially considering the wind. I slacked off slightly and listened to a podcast rather than myself this time. I’m feeling fairly happy with my show so I thought I’d give myself a treat, and besides, I don’t think I could have tolerated listening to me for nearly an hour! *

It was an utterly uneventful run, I maybe passed one other person the entire time I was out, but to be away in solitude with nothing other than myself for company made it ideal for a loner like me. Besides, back home with a glass of wine and a hot bath, sometimes just getting out there is the achievement rather than any nonsense about distance or time. I feel great. I might not have won the war just yet, but I smashed the tits off the battle. And that’s all that counts right now.


* If you can tolerate the idea of listening to me for an hour, please come along to my FREE stand up comedy show at Leicester Comedy Festival this Wednesday, 13th March 2013. You can reserve spaces here.


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17 – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

It’s rare to start anything with an apology, but it’s been way, way too long since my last blog so for that: sorry. I know, it’s not often lazy creatives actually acknowledge how lazy they are. I’ll wager the beginning of U2’s next album won’t feature The Edge saying “sheesh sorry it’s been so long since the last one, but the money doesn’t spend itself y’know.” Second apology – I’ve just realised I described myself as a creative there. What a wanker.

The running has been going nicely in the years since my last blog. I completed the Great North Run in 2hrs 37mins, which would have been quicker if I didn’t have to stop at a first aid station for some repairs on some blisters then walk the last two miles. To make myself feel better, a couple of months later I ran 13.1 miles in 2hrs 30mins which was my original target. Mission accomplished.

Since then I’ve been running intermittently – build up to running 10 miles, pick up an inury, stop running for months, build up to running 8-10 mile runs then getting a stupid run of gigs that mean I can’t get out for a week then stopping, or catching colds or just life getting in the way. Thankfully having packed in full time work, time is one excuse I can rarely use.

In fact, running is a great part of my writing process, something quite vital when you make all of your money from writing and performing. Away from the distractions of my house and the internet, just having you and the road means you can get some work done, as long as you’re not too knackered to remember it.

This morning, for example, I went out and did a three mile run in 30mins 19secs. I spent that half an hour listening to the first half of a preview I did of my solo show. Whilst it was definitely one of the weirder runs I’ve had (and coldest, I could hardly breathe after a couple of miles), my full focus was on the show; which gags didn’t work, how much I was waffling, entire bits that need removed or put in another order.

To see the results (of the show), you should definitely come along and see me do it – I’m in Leicester on February 13th for FREE (tickets here) and Glasgow on March 22nd (tickets here) for a fiver.

For now though, I can only promise to blog after every run I do. That won’t be every day, but it will be a lot more regular than once every three years. You can bet your bottom Bono on that.*

* I don’t need to read this blog when out running. I’m well aware that didn’t really work.

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