18 – It’s Not Right – But It’s Okay

Usually I aim for ten minute miles. By no means quick, but fairly decent for a fat bloke still getting into the swing of things.

Today I put my run off for about two hours. A journalist was supposed to call me for an interview, but even when I gave up on that happening I just stared out the window at the dark, cold, wet, windy scene outside and kept thinking “surely there must be other stuff I could be getting on with?”

There absolutely is, but I got up off my arse, changed my running route and managed 5 miles. It may have taken 50mins 56secs, but that’s close enough to my target pace to be happy, especially considering the wind. I slacked off slightly and listened to a podcast rather than myself this time. I’m feeling fairly happy with my show so I thought I’d give myself a treat, and besides, I don’t think I could have tolerated listening to me for nearly an hour! *

It was an utterly uneventful run, I maybe passed one other person the entire time I was out, but to be away in solitude with nothing other than myself for company made it ideal for a loner like me. Besides, back home with a glass of wine and a hot bath, sometimes just getting out there is the achievement rather than any nonsense about distance or time. I feel great. I might not have won the war just yet, but I smashed the tits off the battle. And that’s all that counts right now.


* If you can tolerate the idea of listening to me for an hour, please come along to my FREE stand up comedy show at Leicester Comedy Festival this Wednesday, 13th March 2013. You can reserve spaces here.


LCF flyer front


LCF flyer

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