19 – Midnight Run

Apologies for the delay uploading my latest blog. Actually no, sod it. The last major delay was two years and now you’ve had to wait a week. Get over yourself.

Anyway, this blog is for a run I did on Tuesday 12th February, one day before I went down to Leicester. I say one day, that suggests I did the sensible thing of getting up early, plodding around for a few miles then cracking on with some last minute show prep.

What I managed to do was get up, waste loads of time dawdling on the Internet before doing loads of show prep and phoning people then dawdling on the Internet again, pausing this routine only to watch old episodes of Richard E. Grant’s Hotel Secrets followed by Home Alone 2.

Just as I laced up my trainers ready to go, a very talented comic by the name of David Haddingham called to check how I was getting on. By the time we’d finished slagging off other comics, Home Alone 2 and chatting about my show the next day it was after 11pm. With my trainers on but the hour far too ridiculous to go out and exercise there was only one option.

That option, obviously, was to knock four miles out in 39mins 52secs. It might have been a cool 2 degrees outside but the chance of forty minutes alone without distractions was priceless. I had my show scrawled all over the back of my left hand and pounded the streets, tightening material in my head and getting in some valuable me time. All without the distractions of other pedestrians and traffic. I might head out a bit later every night if that’s what’s on offer!

Realistically I felt good during the run despite the cold, and while I prefer running in the daylight to the dark, it at least crosses one more excuse (it’s too late to be going out now) from my big book of reasons to not go out running.

Oh, and a four mile run under ten minute mile pace too!

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