book coverIn 2014 I wrote my first book, titled My Cup Upset. Me and my friend Mark decided we’d spend a season watching the FA Cup together, picking a non-league team in the very first qualifying round, then following whoever won that game into the next round, and whoever won the next game all the way to the FA Cup Final. What was supposed to be a light-hearted football travelogue turned into a tale of woe and broken friendship. And cream cakes.

It’s hard to really explain without giving any more away, or sounding like a wanker, but to answer the question I’m asked most about it: yes, you’ll like it even if you don’t like football. That’s not really essential to your enjoyment or understanding of it. It’s available to buy as an ebook from Amazon, and Google Books have it too, and you don’t have to have a Kindle either – you can just download the app and read it on your smartphone or tablet. I mean, I can just send you the word document if it means getting a few quid off you, drop me a line if need be.

I also told the story live as part of a stand-up show, which did a little tour of football clubs, including the Notts County dressing room, probably the height of my comedy career. If you’d be interested in booking the hour-long show about the 2013-14 FA Cup, feel free to get in touch!

As for my next book, there’s a vague plan, but my guess is that it won’t be ready until mid-2019 at the earliest.